Friday, December 25, 2015

My High School Graduation

i still can't believe i've graduated high school and that it's now in the past.
Going to college now, so many things have changed. It's crazy how i started 2015 in high school, 
and i'm ending 2015 in college. 
I look back & i've come such a long way, grew in so many aspects, i'm such a different person now.
But i'm even a bigger person now than i was at the beginning this year. 
Graduating high school opened my eyes in so many ways.
You realize so many things that you worried and stressed about don't matter any more.
You realize that people you use to care for were never true to you.
You realize that you were living a lie.

Now that i'm in college, i don't take anything for granted.
I know who are friends, who are really there for me. What are my priorities. My goals.
High school was great in some parts while i was there, but now i'm just glad it's over.
I just hope my college years are way better that's for sure.