Monday, December 28, 2015

My TOP 2015 Favorite Make-Up Products

2015 is dwindling down to the last couple days now..
i thought i'd share with you guys my top favorite makeup products from 2015

PLUS i've always wanted to do one of these cute make-up collages lol

*all of the make-up products will be linked down below*


  1. They're Real Mascara: MY HOLY GRAIL MASCARA! Hands down has to be my all time favorite mascara (and i've tried a lot lol) This mascara gives you so much volume, length and separates your lashes so well.. it's amazing. But this mascara is on the high-end side, It's from Benefit and it retails for $24 but trust me.. it's worth every penny.
  2.  Bamboo Bronzer Brush: this is my most used/favorite brush.. for everything. At first, i was on the search for a nice dense brush for my regular face powder. When i saw this brush at Ulta i thought i would give it a try, but i didn't notice it was specialized for bronzer. I'm so glad i bought this brush! I use it for EVERYTHING. My face powder, contouring, and baking my face. This brush gives you the most natural looking contour look on your face, especially on your cheeks.   The best thing about this brush is that it's super soft and only $11.99 at Ulta!
  3. Butter Gloss: This is my most favorite lip gloss.. ever. It glides on your lips so soft, like butter lol. The color i own is Crème Brulee, it's a very natural looking gloss but has a nude tint to it. NYX has so many different shades of butter glosses and i can't wait to try out many of the other shades!
  4. Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer: I was always intrigued by this bronzer because everyone said so many wonderful things about it and how it smelled like chocolate. So i decided to buy it and give it a try.. omg let me tell you, i always want to take a bite out of it when i'm applying it onto my face. It's such a great bronzer, super smooth, it easily blends out and it smells great lol. This product is great to get a perfect contoured face. And Too Faced always has the cutest packaging, retails for $30.
  5. Smooth Sphere Lip Balm: I love this lip balm from EOS, simply because it's super cute and leaves my lips so smooth and soft. It smells so good and taste good.. if you like licking your lips lol. And it's super easy to find it in your purse! 
  6. Voluminous Volume Mascara: If i could only use one make-up product for the rest of my life.. it would have to be this one! I love my They're Real Mascara, but since it's on the pricy side for just being a mascara, i like to use it only for special occasions. This mascara is SO UNDERRATED, it's the best mascara i've tired from the drug store. It gives me so much length, volume & separates my lashes so good, it's unreal. People always tell me they love how long and pretty my eyelashes look.. and this mascara is my secret. This mascara is known to be KIM KARDASHIAN'S favorite drug store mascara.. believe it or not. I found out about this on this website. For $7.99, it can't get any better than that. 

What are some of your favorite make-up products from 2015?