Saturday, December 26, 2015

Typical LA Things

Santa Monica, CA 
Living so close to Los Angeles, believe it or not i hardly ever do the typical LA things.
But for this occasion i went to Santa Monica Pier for the first time!
It was so cool to be there after seeing it appear in so many shows/movies LOL

 The vibe there is so chill and laid back.. i loved it!
Most of the pier is over the water, which may scare some people because you could see the ocean below your feet between some wood beams!

I actually got on the yellow rollercoaster, and i loved it!
For a person who is scared of rides that have very steep drops & loops,
this rollercoaster was perfect with the crazy turns & mild drops!
I remember at the beginning of the ride, as you're going up you start to see the whole pier and a beautiful view of the beach/ocean!
It was a great experience over all & i can't wait for my next visit!

The Rollercoaster was AWSOME lol